wOrm days

by Worm Days

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Worm Days is some of my acoustic stuff from around the mid 00's. This is around the time where I started experimenting with a loop pedal as you can hear on tracks 1 & 3. Track 4 & 5 were recorded in Boston '07 at Wednesday Studios with Josh Powers at the reins with just some basic mixing done. They were never released. The rest of the songs were recorded on a Tascam 4 track recorder in Brandon, FL where I lived for a few months. I never got around to properly record these songs hence why they ended up here, my "side project", but mainly early Boxwood


released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Worm Days Hollywood, Florida

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Track Name: Pine Needle
This is where I was to claw in like a spike,
plowing when I move,
growing 50 arms and eyes'
invisible to time's pressing laws
in my shroud of noise
banging and clamoring of the ground
and into the wind stream
Crash and lift, crash and lift
refining my shape, softening the soil... crash and lift

This where I dried up and fell like a pine needle
Got blown in through some front door to some townhouse
where nobody lives and got tangled into to carpet
and I will remain here undisturbed

and when time deems it appropriate
I will pretend to be something else
something small or soft this time.
Some sort of shape where I can drift
back into that beautiful machine
and its dark and smokey hollows.
An impostor amongst impostors
disguised as gears or pistons
looking to slip out into a flash of light
Track Name: Thadeous Kasusco
You must have quite possible the most horrendous memory
you're passing through like ice on ice.
Days like boxes you fill, unlabeled and stored in an attic.
You're keeping one near, box collapsed in.

The sun light drags her nails across my room as she leave
lifting dust and leaving colors to bleed

The moon light pulls the waves along the coast to recede
turning shells and shallow trails into sheen

I'll find my way into your place,
in time, off key, clear and off beat
and hope to find you where the laws are paralyzed